"Gender X" Bill passes in the Maryland House of Delegates

Trans activists score victory on “Gender X bill” in Maryland House of Delegates.

BALTIMORE, MD - on March 13, 2019 the “Gender X” bills passed in the Maryland house of delegates. These bills would allow non-binary Marylanders (people who identify as neither female nor male) to have an affirming “X” gender marker on their Maryland drivers license where there would otherwise be an “F” or an “M”.

Along with this change comes self-attestation, giving trans Marylanders the freedom to change their gender markers without the arduous process of having letters written by both a mental health professional and medical professional providing transition care.

This win has been a years long effort by the non-binary people of color on The Baltimore Transgender Alliance’s team. This bill’s passing would not have been possible had it not been for the non-binary leadership and tenacity of our family, friends, associates, and supporters.

This is just the beginning of this work, and in order for this to be successfully implemented, people will need to be trained, educated, and held accountable. No person’s right to self-determination should put them at risk and we are committed to equipping the public with tools to witness non-binary existence.

This victory represents the validation of so many gender diverse Marylanders, and opens the door to understanding gender as a spectrum and deconstructing the binary ideology. Not only does this bill highlight Maryland’s non-binary communities, but intersex individuals as well, who are often overlooked.

We are beyond elated to have seen the amount of support HB0421 has received and extend our thanks to every trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming Marylander who has testified and contacted their senators and delegates to vote in favor of Maryland’s gender diverse population.

Special thanks is also extended to FreeState Justice, Trans Healthcare Maryland, delegate Sara Love, The National Center of Transgender Equality, among other organizations and individuals involved in making this once far-off dream a reality.

For more information, please contact: info@bmoretransalliance.com or Jamie Grace Alexander - Community Director - (443) 567-1873.

*Release provided by Jaz Barnett of the Baltimore Trans Alliance