Envisioning Justice: Dismantling Curricular Prejudice by Colette Veasey-Cullors

Foundations in Flux

In upcoming news, I’ll be presenting at the 2019 FATE Conference, Foundations in Flux on April 6, 2019 in

Columbus, Ohio. The panel is titled, Envisioning Justice: Dismantling Curricular Prejudice

“While diversity and inclusion might be ubiquitous terms in the mission statement of any progressive university, these words alone do little to address the lack of diversity within the curriculum itself” (Anderson 2017).

How can universities–and foundation programs in particular–begin to decolonize art and design education through new educational paradigms and curricular restructuring? How do we create an educational experience that exposes our students to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable education?

As socially engaged practitioners and educators, our teaching philosophies are centered on fostering community, practicing student agency, and investigating representational justice through the lens of visual literacy. Through intentional curriculum development that encourages an exploration of self within larger social frameworks, students learn to critique and challenge the status quo while developing critical perspectives and an urgency to bring about social change through the act of resistance. This session will explore pedagogical approaches for implementing social justice practice in the curriculum and seeks contributions that cultivate diversity, inclusion, and equity while exemplifying student engagement beyond traditional historical practices.