Jennifer Ferretti Selected for Pocoapoco Residency in Oaxaca, Mexico

One of our founding members, Jennifer Ferretti was recently selected to attend a residency with P O C O A P O C O Oaxaca City. Pocoapoco is a platform to support investigation, conversation and reflection surrounding creative work, process and purpose.

Jennifer will be exploring her art practice while there, beginning with photographing the agriculture and food industry in Oaxaca.

Jennifer Ferretti on Setting Intentions for P O C O A P O C O

As a first-generation American Latina and an art librarian at a fine art and design college, I have been able to research, publish, and present on topics that impact communities of color, critical pedagogy, and the dangers of neutrality within the profession. That research has been crucial to furthering my practice as a librarian, and now I am fully committed to re-focusing my time on my art practice, which would also work toward furthering my librarianship practice.

I have a BFA in Photography as well as a master’s degree in library and information science. My background in art and librarianship have made me uniquely curious about the research methods of artists. This would certainly be a new approach to that work. I’m excited about the prospect of taking my knowledge base of librarianship and research, applying that and expanding that through my art practice. 

What I hope to change is to see my librarianship practice differently from the position of active artist. I lead instruction sessions, collect materials for the library, and host one-on-one research consultations with art and design students in my current work. I’m good at finding sources, thinking of alternative methods of research while questioning power and privilege, and presenting this information in an approachable, accessible way. What I’m missing is what this residency will give me the opportunity to do - participatory research while having the opportunity to make artwork. This will further my practice not only as artist, but as librarian. 

About the Residency

Pocoapoco hosts four to five residents in a centrally located home in Oaxaca City as well as four to five off-site residents each month.

Previous residents have included writers & journalists, musicians & fine artists, architects & designers, researchers & Ph.D candidates, chefs & botanists, arts administrators & social workers, as well as lawyers, educators, performers and others.

About Oaxaca

A cultural colossus fit to rival anywhere in Latin America for history, gastronomy and colorful manifestations of indigenous culture, Oaxaca is a complex but intensely attractive city whose majestic churches and refined plazas have deservedly earned it a Unesco World Heritage badge. Lovers of culture come here to indulge in the Mexico of Zapotec and colonial legend. Flowing through handsome yet tranquil streets, life pulsates with an unadulterated regional flavor. See it in the color palate of historic boutique hotels, a meet-the-producer artisan store or an intentionally grungy mezcalería (plying locally manufactured alcoholic beverages). But what makes Oaxaca especially interesting are its undercurrents. While largely safe and attractive by Mexican standards, snippets of political protest in recent years have lent the city a grittier edge. It bubbles up in satirical street art, bohemian bars and been-around-forever street markets. (via Lonely Planet)