A Photo Series by Lia Latty

What prompted me to create the “Oreo” series was to confront the experiences I had in middle and high school. I’ve been either called an “oreo” or simply a white person just because of the certain interests I had that were linked to white people. At the time I either accepted it or just brushed it off, not realizing how it affected my identity as a young black person. For this series, I knew I had to share the stories of my peers who had similar experiences as me in order to show how expansive the problem amongst black youth. I wanted the viewers of this series to learn about this, and to reflect. Were they also a victim of being judged? Or were they the ones doing the judging?



Lia Latty - she/her pronouns - was born and raised in Miami, Florida and soon to be living in Baltimore, Maryland. Her medium of choice is photography.

Her artwork currently has no set themes in it since she is still finding what speaks to her. She is currently interested in making work that’s about her childhood and experiences in school before college.

If you’d like to learn more about Lia and/or follow her work, you can find her on Instagram at @lialatty or on her website at https://lialattyphotography.squarespace.com.